4 Feb 2019 09:36 PM

Steve Rogers worried about peter parker not to antiquate BIll Soother!


Unfortunately, the movie is a cliche-ridden spectacle that turns real-life individuals into flat caricatures — resorting to cheesy lines and over-the-top depictions to spin yet another white savior tale. As for Chris Evans, Steve Rogers merely became Ari Levinson – taking a team of anti-heroes on a mission to save refugees. Thanos may be gone, and Evans may have dropped the shield, but he is still holding the Rogers mantle.

Chris Evans’ Ari Levinson in ‘The Red Sea Diving Resort’ mirrored Captain America

Chris Evans should have guaranteed that his follow-up to Steve Rogers would show his competency outside superhero land. All he did was relinquish his powers; he remains just as righteous, just as determined, and just as morally superior as ever.

In one moment, Ari Levinson (Evans) says, “If we don’t do something, no one will.” With the same straight-faced look, undercut with a hint of sobriety and gloom, Evans becomes Steve Rogers. At this moment, you cannot help but recall the famous Avengers line, “Some people move on. But not us.”

Evans is not only a hero, but he is also the leader once again; Ari Levinson is forced to remind the other heroes of why they got into the savior business in the first place. It’s all too familiar; it’s all too mimetic and uninspired, and Chris Evans’ casting is, unfortunately, part of the problem.