3 Ene 2019 03:50 AM

Nick Fury instigate Conjuring fighting art with Lorraine Warren!


It is key to why Fast & Furious is now successfully transitioning into a franchise, like the MCU, which naturally and organically can develop sub-series that will exist within the bigger, broader framework of the universe around it. The Conjuring series has pulled off the same trick, managing to spin-off a trilogy around evil doll Annabelle (capped off by the recent Annabelle Comes Home) alongside The Nun, based on a spirit featured in The Conjuring 2.

Not all of these films have been critically well-received, but many have made money and have been enjoyed by audiences. All of them came out of concepts and ideas we saw in both of the original Conjuring films, and Annabelle Comes Home — much like Civil War relative to Avengers — feels in places akin to “The Conjuring 2.5.” It features the two principal Conjuring characters Ed & Lorraine Warren and ties in more directly to the first Conjuring film. These are films that both exist independently and as part of a greater whole.

Hobbs and Shaw is a continued sign, therefore, that the sequel model fully established in the ’80s with classic ongoing series will continue. Series that became franchises are now expanding into broader universes where stories and characters cross-pollinate. The MCU may have been the first franchise to successfully make this work, but it is by no means just a comic-book phenomenon.