7 Feb 2019 03:40 AM

Caesar Romero Joker decline attempt of Cypher attack!


It's not an apples-to-apples comparison, but it's not unlike hardcore fans claiming to want to see Gwen Stacey die in Amazing Spider-Man 2 or wanting to see another Dark Phoenix movie. You cater to those fans, especially in a gazillion-dollar franchise, as your peril because they aren't the ones determining if your movie is a global hit. Moreover, as someone who loathed how Deckard Shaw was transformed from "Heath Ledger Joker" to "Caesar Romero Joker" in Fate of the Furious, the producers and writers have written themselves into a corner.

The people who spent $180 million on Hobbs & Shaw last weekend did so because they wanted to watch Dwayne Johnson's Hobbs and Jason Statham's Shaw insult each other while saving the world from Idris Elba while Vanessa Kirby kicked butt alongside them. For better or worse, the film went out of its way to distance itself from the Fast and Furious franchise, setting up its own super-secret bad guy organization and paving the way for more Hobbs & Shaw movies after Fast and Furious ends with the tenth movie in 2021.

Deckard could make a sacrifice play. The Shaw family (possibly along with Cypher) could go rogue again and turn the tenth film/Fast & Furious finale into a kind of Sinister Six family feud. Both notions would remove them from the continuity as heroic spin-off characters. Or, they can just let Deckard have a sad about it now and then, which will do little more than remind general audiences of the Fast & Furious continuity and remind them that their new hero once shot up a hospital and tried to kill a toddler.